Using Zoom in the Windows or Mac Client

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Created: 03/14/2020 Last Updated: 08/11/2020

On a Windows or Mac computer, you can use the Zoom client. If it's your first time signing into your Stony Brook Zoom account, start by signing into Zoom in a browser, then launch and sign into the Windows or Mac Client:

  1. If this is the first time you've signed into your Stony Brook Zoom, start by going to in a browser, clicking Sign In, and signing in with your *NetID and NetID Password
  2. If you're already signed in to your Stony Brook Zoom account at least once, launch Zoom on your Windows or Mac computer:
    1. Windows: Search for Zoom, and double click on Zoom to launch
    2. Mac: tap cmd + space to open spotlight search, type Zoom, and then double click on to launch

Learn more about the Windows and Mac Client

*If you don't know your NetID or NetID password, find them online now New!
(In the Stony Brook Password Reset tool, start by updating your profile, and then you will see your NetID and/or be able to reset your password)

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