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If you record a Zoom session locally, you can upload it to YouTube. Follow these instructions and watch the video demo.

Find the Local Recording Files

  1. Find the local recording folder and files on your computer
  2. Inside the folder you will see 2 to 4 files:
    • Audio Only - the audio recording of the event only
    • Chat - the chat text during the meeting
    • Playback - to help organize multiple video files
    • zoom_0 - MP4 video file
  3. The zoom_0 file is the one you will upload to YouTube

Upload to YouTube

  1. Open up a Web Browser
  2. Log into your Stony Brook email account
  3. Click on the 9 squares in the upper right corner to open up the list of connected Google Apps
  4. Scroll down to the Youtube icon and click on it
  5. You will now be on the youtube homepage attached to your SBU account
  6. Click on the Camera icon in the upper right corner
  7. In the drop down menu under click on Upload Video
  8. Your YouTube information will load and a screen will pop up. You can drag and drop your zoom_0 video file here or click on Select File to find your file through File Explorer or Finder. (Remember you want to upload the zoom_0 file).
  9. Your video will start uploading. On the right side of the screen you will see your Youtube link. You can click the copy button next to it to copy the link to your clipboard or click on the link itself to open it in a new tab.
  10. As it uploads you can configure your settings for the video.
    1. Title - Briefly describe your video. You can add dates here to help you sort them later
    2. Description - Tell your viewers more about your video
    3. Thumbnail - If you are uploading a large file this may not become immediately available you can skip this step
    4. Playlists - You can add your video to playlists if you want to share your content out
    5. Audience - Is this video made for kids? - Click No, it's not made for kids. (Content that is made for children is protected and must meet certain standards.)
  11. Click Next in the lower right corner to go to step 2
  12. No steps here are required and you can skip it by clicking Next in the lower right corner.
  13. In Step 3 you can choose the visibility of your video.
    1. Public - everyone on Youtube can see and search for your video
    2. Unlisted - anyone with the video link can see your content and it is not searchable (Recommended)
    3. Private - only you and people you choose through your youtube account can see it
  14. You can schedule a date to make your video accessible.
  15. When you are finished Click Save in the lower right corner and your content will be saved and available on Youtube.
  16. You will receive notice that your video has been published.

View video in YouTube

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