Joining a Breakout Room When the Host Allows Participants To Choose Their Rooms

This KB Article References: Zoom
This Information is Intended for: Instructors, Students
Created: 02/12/2021 Last Updated: 02/15/2021

Hosts can allow participants to choose a breakout room to join, but participants sometimes either do not see the tool tip or the breakout room button to join one.

This article will explain how participants can find the Breakout Room button on a computer and on an iPhone/iPad:

On a computer

If your computer screen is NOT maximized, you can locate the Breakout room button under the More option:

1.  Click on More > Join Breakout Room.

2.  Click Join next to your selected room.

On an iPhone or iPad:

Participants will NOT see the Breakout room button until they tap anywhere on their screen, to wake it up a bit:


1.  Tap your screen

2.  Tap the Join Breakout Room button

3.  Tap your selection and then tap the Join button to go into your selection.