Finding and Understanding Zoom Reports on Attendance, Polling, Registration

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Zoom reports provide information on Attendance, Registration (if required) and Poll responses (if used). If a meeting allows only authenticated users (i.e., requires NetID and NetID password sign in), the report will show the SBU email address of attendees.

There are two types of reports: Usage reports and Meeting reports. Here is what each type will show:

  • Usage: Download a .csv file with Name (Original Name), User Email, Join Time, Leave Time, Duration (Minutes), Attentiveness Score
  • Meeting: Shows results of polls (user name, email address, poll question, poll response) OR registration (for meetings when registration is required). Meeting poll reports show an error if the meeting didn't use a poll; Meeting registration reports show an error if the meeting didn't require registration.

Access and Download Zoom Reports

  1. Sign into your SBU Zoom account at 
  2. Click on Reports on the left; you'll see Usage and Meeting
  3. For attendance, click Usage

    1. At the top, adjust the From and To date range to include that meeting/event/class you want to find and click Search
    2. For the event you want a report for, click the number of Participants in blue, e.g., 13 in this image:
    3. In the window that opens, look over the attendees there or click Export to download a .csv file of participants
  4. For Registration and Polling reports, click Meeting

    1. Select Report Type (Registration Report OR Poll Report)
    2. Adjust the From and To dates as necessary and click Search
    3. To the right of the event you want the report for, click Generate
    4. The Report Queue will display (or click Report Queue to open it)
    5. To the right of the report you want to see, click Download to download a .csv file of the report


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