Sharing Zoom Recordings

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This Information is Intended for: Instructors, Staff, Students
Created: 03/14/2020 Last Updated: 01/26/2023

Share a cloud* recording by finding it in Recordings, clicking Share, copying the recording's link, and emailing it to someone or posting it online. Learn more

Keep Zoom Cloud Recording Retention in mind when sharing cloud recordings, as cloud recordings are automatically deleted as per that retention timeline.

Share a local recording by finding the video file and uploading it to Google Drive, YouTube, or OneDrive, for example, and sharing it from there. Learn more

Faculty and staff can record to the cloud* or local computer; Students can record to their local computer. Default local recording locations are C:\Users\User Name\Documents\Zoom for Windows and  /Users/User Name/Documents/Zoom for Mac.

*Cloud recordings may take several hours to process before you can find it and share the link.  You will receive an email when the recording is ready.

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