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SharePoint Online (or Sites which is part of the University's Office 365 application suite) provides collaborative websites for groups such as research teams, committees, and course-related activities. While DoIT encourages students, faculty, and staff to first investigate Google Drive or Google Sites to handle collaborative projects among teams, SharePoint is certainly a viable alternative.  SharePoint is HIPAA and export compliant.

What is SharePoint?

Sharepoint allows you to host a private site - which makes it ideal for group projects. Research and high level documents and files are kept safe and in one place for your team, committee or group.



File Storage

Document Versioning



Email Alerts

Discussion Boards


Slide Shows


MS Office Web Apps

Getting Started

If you do not yet have your own site - please see Request your Site! below. 

Request a Separate Site

You can request a separate SharePoint site from one connected to your own account:


Contact DoIT Training in the Division of Information Technology at (631) 632-9800 or doit_training@stonybrook.edu to inquire about requesting a SharePoint site.

If the purpose of this desired site is clinically related (i.e. SBU Hospital, SBU Physicians, etc.) and is to be used for patient healthcare information or any other purpose that falls under HIPAA regulations, do not use this form. Instead, contact the SBUH IT Division Help Desk at (631) 444-4357 or helpdesk@stonybrookmedicine.edu, and request a SharePoint site under their management. 

How can I access my site after its been created?