Inviting External Users to Your SharePoint Site

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Last Updated: December 12, 2023
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You may invite external users to your team's site by going to:
  • [site name] visitors - allows users to read the site and contribute to discussion boards
  • [site name] members - allows users to upload documents and contribute to the site
  • [site name] owners - allows user to add and delete components of the site

Inviting External Users

  1. Settings  > Site Settings 
  2. Under Users and Permissons click "People and groups"
  3. Select the group to add users to:


  4. Then click New > and enter the email addresses of users you would like to invite
  5. Click Share
    • External users will receive an email to sign into the site or register for a personal Microsoft Account to gain access to the site.
    • You can see a list of pending invitations by going to Settings   > Site Settings  > Access requests and invitations under Users and Permissions

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