Working with Lists in Sharepoint

Lists allow you to classify and organize data on SharePoint.

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Created: 09/20/2016 Last Updated: 04/08/2024

Creating a List

  1. Sign into Sharepoint and navigate to your site (left bar)
  2. Click on the gear next to your name (top right)
  3. Click Site contents
  4. Click New (under your site's title)
  5. Select list
  6. Enter a name and description
  7. Click Create

Adding Columns to Your List

Data is stored in columns, you'll need to create a column for each type of data you want to collect

  1. Open your list
    1. Navigate to your site
    2. Go to settings (gear, top right), then "Site Content"
    3. Your list will show in the bar to the left 
  2. "Title" is the default first column in your list.  You cannot delete it but you can change the name by clicking on the down arrow > Column Settings > Rename
  3. Add more columns by clicking on the +

     and then select the data type for your column (you can also click on More .. if none of the listed ones match what you're looking for)
  4. Then give it a name:

Adding a new item:

1.  Click New

2.  then fill out the form.


  • You can even add attachments!
  • To show the Attachment column click the + and click Show/Hide columns 
  • check off Attachments and click Apply





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