Azure Information Protection (AIP)

The AIP Windows plugin classifies, protects and encrypts documents to ensure only specific people can access them in email.  

What is AIP?

Included with our Microsoft license is Azure Information Protection (AIP).   AIP is a Windows plugin that classifies, protects and encrypts documents before sending them in email or posting them on a website.  If you do not have a Windows computer you can still view protected files by installing the AIP Viewer App.   If you need to protect email messages before sending them, both Mac and Windows machines may use Google Mail's Confidential Mode.  Please note Confidential Mode is not an encryption service.

AIP ensures that only specific people can open documents even when these files are accidentally forwarded as buried attachments in email.  Microsoft AIP also lets you revoke access, lets you see who opened your files and provides email notifications when someone accesses them or can’t open a file.

AIP works like a plugin in your Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook menus.  

Microsoft overview of Azure Information Protection (AIP)

Secure Files Before Sending Them

Ensure that files you send over email are only opened by intended recipients regardless if the email is forwarded to others.

Classify and Protect

Let your recipients know how sensitive this document is and protect it from being printed or copied.  

Protects Many File Types

Many types of files can be protected.  If you are sending a file to someone who does not have a Microsoft account they may download a viewer to look at the file.

Why do we need to protect and encrypt our files/data?

System Requirements


Includes Windows OS, Surface Pro, and Windows Phones.  Windows devices can protect as well as access protected files.


Recipients of protected, non-Microsoft files (PDF, TXT, Images)  may not be able to open the file unless they have the Azure Information Protection client (plugin) or Azure Information Protection Viewer app installed. Recipients should be instructed to download the AIP Viewer app when being sent a protected file.

AIP Viewer App

iOS and Android

You can open .rpmsg, .pdf, .ppdf, .pjpg, .pjpeg, .ptiff, .ppng, .ptxt, .pxml, and several other text and image file formats with the Microsoft Azure Information Protection (AIP) app.

FAQs for Microsoft Azure Information Protection app for iOS and Android

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