Digication ePortfolios

ePortfolios, powered by Digication, are a type of digital portfolio utilized by students and faculty to document their professional development and establish a positive online presence. With an ePortfolio, students and faculty can create online archives of their achievements, professional experience, academic work, personal hobbies and more. ePortfolios can be used as an extension of a resume to market yourself to prospective employers.

About Digication ePortfolios

To view Stony Brook's ePortfolios, visit the ePortfolio Directory. 

Create an ePortfolio

To create an ePortfolio, log in to stonybrook.digication.com with your NetID and password. More information on customizing your ePortfolio can be found below under Frequently Asked Questions.

Showcase Your Work

ePortfolios can be used to highlight course work, extracurricular activities, internships, study abroad experiences and anything else important to the student’s time at Stony Brook.

Find Other ePortfolios

Under the ePortfolio Directory you can view featured ePortfolios and browse through other public ePortfolios. Through the User Directory you can search for users specifically via name or email. Both are under the left hand column when you log into Digication labeled ePortfolios and People respectively.