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Last Updated: May 24, 2018

You add content to ePortfolio pages by adding modules. Modules can include media, text, contact forms, or social media tools. 

To Add a Module to New Digication

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To Add a Module to Classic Digication

  1. Log in to Digication
  2. On the Digication Home page in the My e-Portfolios section, click on your ePortfolio to open it.
  3. In the "View Sections" area near the top, click on the section you want to add the module to
  4. In the "View Pages" area to the left, click on the page that you want to add the module to
  5. To the right, if you do not already see the Rich Text area, click on the green "+ Add A Module" to expand it.
  6. The "Add A Module" area lists the different types of content you can add.
    1. Basic: Images/Video/Audio, Rich Text, Gallery, Contact Form
    2. Social: Twitter, Bookmarks, Creative Commons License 
  7. Click the appropriate module for the type of content that you would like to add and click the "+Add This Module" below.


  8. The "Edit" or "Settings" view for that Module will display. Add content and then Save and Publish as applicable.

Note: The Rich Text Module does NOT automatically spell check. You will have to click the spell check button to check for any typos.

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