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Last Updated: May 24, 2018

The content of your ePortfolio is organized by Sections and Pages. Pages appear as a list on the left side. 

To Add a Page

  1.  Log in to Digication
  2. On the Digication Home page in the My e-Portfolios section, click on your ePortfolio to open it.
  3. In the "View Sections" area near the top, click on the section you want to add the page to.
  4. To the left and below Sections, click "Add/Edit" to the right of "View Pages". 
  5. Click the "+ Add Page" button.
  6. In the "Page name" box, type the name for your page and then click "Save"

The new page will appear in the list of pages. Once you've created your page, you can add content.

To Modify Your Pages

To Edit the Name of Your Page

  1. Click the "Add/Edit" Tab.
  2. Click the paper and pencil icon to the right of your page.
  3.  Rename your page and hit "Save".

To Move a Page or Create a Subpage

  1.  To create a subpage, click "Add/Edit".
  2. Click and drag a page to the right to create a subpage. 
  3. To move a page up or down, simply click and drag it up or down.

To Collapse Subpages, Create "Headings" or "Hide" a Page.

  1. Click the "Add/Edit" tab.
  2. Click the paper and pencil icon to the right of your page.
  3. Click "Show Advanced".
  4. Select the appropriate option.
    1. Clicking "Collapse Subpages" will collapse all of the subpages below the page you're working on. 
    2. Clicking "Heading" will bold the font of your page and turn it into a non-clickable heading.
    3. Clicking "Hide" will make your page and all of the content on it invisible to your viewers. You will be able to tell which pages are "hidden" because they will be italicized. 

To Delete a Page

  1. Click "Add/Edit".
  2. Click the paper and pencil icon to the right of your page.
  3. Click "Delete this page".

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