Understanding the Benefits of ePortfolios

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Last Updated: March 22, 2017

How does an ePortfolio benefit you, the student?

Well, an ePortfolio, as some deem, is one's living resume. Indeed, when applying for jobs, one prepares a cover letter explaining his or her interest in the job, a resume to give a brief overview of his or her qualifications, and, of course, an interview to give an idea of who he or she is as a person. However, in a resume, an individual is limited to a few short bullet points on a page or two to elaborate on the education and work experiences one has gained over time.

How does the ePortfolio help?

Well, if you're a fresh graduate, you're probably in search of a job. Perhaps you don't have the top grades in your class, lack some work or research experience, or maybe you have no idea how to market yourself to the workplace. This is how the ePortfolio can help. In your ePortfolio you can elaborate on who you are as an individual. Talk about your education and the knowledge you know you can apply to an industry; include your work experiences and the skills you've learned in them; highlight the research or laboratory work you've participated in, the computer skills you've developed using programs like Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Java, etc. or speak of all the volunteer experiences you've been a part of and what skills you've learned from them. Simply put, your ePortfolio can provide evidence of all your experiences in order to prove your worth.

As a result, your ePortfolio is your opportunity to showcase yourself in more than just a one page resume. In it, you can speak elaborately on everything you've done throughout the years and speak of what you have learned and how you can apply all the knowledge and skills you've gained to your future work environment and more importantly to the world surrounding you.

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