Creating an ePortfolio (Digication)

You can create as many ePortfolios as you wish. However, it is advised that whenever you are required to use an ePortfolio for a new course that you simply add the information for that course into your original ePortfolio in order to create a cumulative body of work. But, it is entirely up to you!

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Last Updated: March 25, 2020

How to create a new ePortfolio using New Digication

  1. Go to and log in using your NetID and NetID password

  2. At this screen, click the Add (+) button next to My e-Portfolios


You should be directed to this screen:

  1. Title your ePortfolio using your full name. 

    • If you are planning on using your ePortfolio to establish your digital presence and have a common name, consider using your middle name in addition to your first and last.

  2. The title of your ePortfolio will automatically become part of your ePortfolio’s web address. If you would like a different address, you can change this by clicking on Edit under ‘URL.’

  3. You can select a template if you are making the ePortfolio for a specific purpose, or you can start from scratch.

  4. Click blue create button at the bottom.

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