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  1. DoIT Training and Development aims to promote and support employee development by providing high-quality training programs designed to meet individual, group, or departmental needs and objectives. 

  2. edTPA is a student-centered multiple measure assessment of teaching. It is designed to be educative and predicting of effective teaching and student learning. Stony Brook University's Division of Information Technology (DoIT) supports teacher candidates' edTPA video recording requirements through Audio Visual Services.

  3. Infor EAM is an Enterprise Asset Management system currently being utilized by Facilities and Services, Environmental Health and Safety and Campus Residences.

  4. Degree Works is an easy-to use degree audit tool for undergraduate students and their advisors. 

  5. Office 365 is a collaborative, cloud-based storage, communication and applications solution provided by Microsoft.

    Office 365 is HIPAA and Export Control compliant.


  6. forms through the Computing Center as a courtesy and by request only. To use this service, call ... will need to fill out and attach the Pre-Slugging Form   to all requests with the Computing Center. ... the Computing Center at 632-8035 and make arrangements with the computer operators to process your forms. You ...
  7. Stony Brook University offers researchers several different options depending on needs.

  8. Stony Brook University uses PeopleSoft as its core administrative system for managing Financial, Human Resources and Student Administration operations.

  9. Schedule Builder is a web-based program that allows students to build their Stony Brook class schedules much quicker and easier.

  10. The online housing system used at Stony Brook University is called StarRez. 

  11. to pretests, to surveys, to request forms--recently added four new fuctions: progress bars, data validation, ... Hero Size Small Google Forms--an easy-to-create form tool in Google for everything from RSVPs, ... YouTube videos, and custom messages. If you've worked with forms or if you're new to forms ...
  12. Google Apps for Education is the primary email system for everyone at Stony Brook University except Hospital employees and members of the School of Medicine and School of Dental Medicine. Stony Brook's Google Apps suite of products includes Mail, Calendar, Drive, Contacts, Sites, Groups, Hangouts and a host of other applications to enhance communication and real-time collaboration across campus.

  13. A podcast is a method to deliver content, mostly audio and/or video. The two main advantages of podcasting over streaming is that the podcast is subscribed to and content is delivered in a way that makes it accessible even when you are not at your computer.

  14. depending on the number of forms, complexity of the requests, conditions of the forms, and the timing during ...
  15. Request a unique short URL to a Stony Brook web page with the format

  16. Log in to the Service Portal with your NetID and password to report issues or make requests for IT services. Your ticket will automatically be routed to the DoIT team best suited for troubleshooting based on the information you provide.


  17. To support the Stony Brook research community, DoIT developed Research Technologies to act as a liaison with campus researchers and offer technical expertise and the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of IT leaders and IT partners. Its core mission is to focus on listening, collaborating, developing, and integrating technology offerings to those campus community members conducting research.

  18. Google Groups makes it easy for groups of people - such as project teams, departments, or classmates - to communicate and collaborate over topics of common interest.

  19. Stony Brook University is a member of the SUNY Center for Professional Development (CPD) and the SUNY Information Technology Exchange Center (ITEC). As an active member of both organizations, Stony Brook receives a number of professional development "points" that may be used by SB employees to pay for the cost of registration to SUNY CPD-sponsored academic program events and SUNY ITEC technical training events.

  20. Maple T.A. is a quizzing program inside Blackboard that is particularly valuable for any course using mathematics. Maple T.A. provides an easy-to-use Web-based system for creating tests and assignments, automatically assessing student responses and performance. It supports complex, free-form entry of mathematical equations and intelligent evaluation of responses, making it ideal for mathematics, science, or any course that requires mathematics.