Mobile Device Support

Certain employees may need mobile communication devices to support the legitimate business requirements of campus departments in achieving the University's objectives for excellence in education, healthcare, and research.  Any requests for equipment, service, or user name changes with wireless service providers must adhere to this procedure. 

Personal use of the University’s mobile communication equipment and services is strictly prohibited. 

Eligibility & Approval


To be eligible for consideration of a department-owned mobile communication device, the employee must have a valid business need for required or essential business communication resulting from:

  • The need to be readily accessible
  • The need to receive or initiate communication in emergency or time-sensitive situations
  • Safety requirements while traveling on the road or to off-campus locations
  • Frequent and regular travel, with a travel plan as part of job responsibilities
  • Work locations in the field where access to electronic and telecommunication devices is not readily available.

Employees must have the approval of the appropriate dean, vice president, or their designee to receive a new department-owned mobile communication device and related services. This determination must be reviewed annually and revised when necessary. 


New Line/Upgrade Order Process

State Accounts

Employees must submit a ticket to the service desk for new cell phone requests

Once the ticket is submitted and approved, you will receive an update once the order has been processed.

Order confirmation with shipping/tracking information will be sent to the end-user once available. Orders are shipped via FedEx or UPS, and must be signed for.

Research Foundation & Stony Brook Foundation Accounts

Employees are to submit a ticket to the service desk for assistance with cell phones to request a quote for a new device, accessories, and 12 months of service.

Before submitting a request for a new device, a requisition must be made and approved, and you must receive a PO # for your order. 

Once you have been issued a PO #, you can submit a new device request ticket to the service desk for new cell phone requests. A new device order will not be processed unless a PO # is provided in the ticket description.

Order confirmation with shipping/tracking information will be sent to the end-user once available. Orders are shipped via FedEx or UPS, and must be signed for.

International Service

Requests for International Service for Work-Related Travel
  • All international and Non-US North American calling plans change requests must be made at least 1 week before departure to ensure the proper plan change is made and activated for all related mobile communication devices by submitting a ticket for assistance with cell phones.
  • Upon your return, a reply to the ticket must be submitted to change back to the domestic service plan. Failure to comply, will result in  additional charges to the respective end-user and department.
  • Reboot your mobile equipment when arriving at your destination (both on departure and arrival), so that your calling plans can refresh to your location.

The International Travel Pass provides unlimited talk and text, and only 2GB of data daily for $10. Once the 2GB allotted data has been exhausted, you will receive a text for an additional 2GB for an additional $10. It is highly encouraged to use secure WIFI when possible to reduce this expense. This feature only activates when the device is recognized to be in a different country.

The Canada/Mexico plan provides Unlimited Talk & Text while in the US, Unlimited Talk & Text to Mexico and Canada, Unlimited International Text Messages while in the US, and Mobile hotspot on capable devices.

Both plans must be changed back to a domestic plan upon return to the University from traveling.

Statements & Payment

Monthly Statements

Statements are available on Verizon’s MyBiz website (Verizon will provide training upon request). The mobile communication device user’s supervisor or reporting administrator should review each online statement monthly for: 

  • Accurate service charges and fees 
  • New/added equipment costs 
  • Appropriate business-related usage 
  • Unauthorized personal usage 
  • Any noted billing discrepancies should be brought to Verizon's attention by the end-user/campus department. Credits and/or adjustments will be reflected in the subsequent monthly bill.
Payment Process
  • The State P-card cannot be used to pay for wireless service acquired through Verizon Wireless.
  • State/RF Accounts Payable will process the monthly consolidated bills for payment from central accounts.
  • State Accounting or Research Foundation Accounting offices will recharge the respective State or IDC accounts for their individual charges.
  • Reimbursement of wireless service fees under personal accounts is not allowed.


For questions/inquiries regarding general assistance, quotes, list of current devices available to order, or technical support, please submit a ticket for assistance with cell phones.

For questions/inquiries regarding State and Research Foundation charges, please email the telnet billing contact below.

What to do when leaving Stony Brook University

When leaving your role with Stony Brook University, you must submit a ticket to the service desk via this link to request a line disconnect your work device(s). Please specify in the ticket your work phone number and what date you will be leaving your role with the University. For Managers who are requesting the line disconnect of a former employee who left the University, please submit a ticket via the same method and provide the former employee's name to have the service to the device disconnected.

Bring your number with you

If you would like to transfer your SBU cell phone number to a personal account, you may do so with approval from your reporting manager. To request a number transfer, follow these steps:

1) Submit a ticket via this link. Specify in the ticket description that you would like to transfer for your SBU cell phone number to personal account. Provide your full name and personal email address in the description as well.

2) Send an email to your direct manager requesting permission to transfer the phone number to a personal account. Once you have received permission, forward the email chain to and reply to the ticket email stating you have received approval for the line transfer.

3) In order to transfer the line, you must have an active Verizon Wireless personal account. The phone number cannot be transferred to a wireless carrier other than Verizon.

4) An email will then be sent to your personal email address provided with the line transfer request. You can then approve the request and tie the line to your personal Verizon account. 

Please Contact

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