Stony Brook University utilizes PointSolutions (previously Turning Technologies) polling clickers for interactive, wireless, student responses in classrooms and large lecture halls. PointSolutions allows instructors to float a poll bar above any application, and gives the ability to track each student's performance data generated during a lesson or team activity. This tracking produces student and class performance reports with respect to lessons.

Instructional Uses

  • Asking real-time, multiple choice, short answer and/or numeric questions for quick concept checking
  • Administering quizzes
  • Providing interactive demonstrations
  • Gathering data
  • Taking attendance


Turning Technologies has a virtual clicker app called ResponseWare. It is now supported for limited use on the Stony Brook University Campuses for use in the classrooms. We do not suggest that you use it in large lecture settings in particular. A Responseware 4 year license is included in the purchase of a new clicker.

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