Academic Technology Services

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Classroom Technology and Support Solutions

Classroom Technology & Support Solutions provides numerous services to enhance and facilitate classroom instruction. Service counters in the Javits Lecture Center, the Health Sciences Center, and Frey Hall each provide different aspects of support.

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Faculty/Staff Software Support

In an effort to maintain efficiency and reliability of computer equipment at Stony Brook University, DoIT's Customer Engagement and Support department has instituted software support standards.

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IT Service Portal

Log in to the Service Portal with your NetID and password to report issues or make requests for IT services. Your ticket will automatically be routed to the DoIT team best suited for troubleshooting based on the information you provide.  

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Kace Self-Service Portal

Get software, Windows updates, and security patches on your Stony Brook owned machine!

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Stony Brook University is a NERCOMP Member NERCOMP cultivates communities of practice around information and technology, promotes strategic partnerships, and advances innovation and leadership in educational institutions across the Northeastern United States.

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Students can print in SINC Sites and other computer labs on campus, or by using Stony Brook's Print From Anywhere service.

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RD Gateway

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Research Technologies

To support the Stony Brook research community, DoIT developed Research Technologies to act as a liaison with campus researchers and offer technical expertise and the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of IT leaders and IT partners. Its core mission is to focus on listening, collaborating, developing, and integrating technology offerings to those campus community members conducting research.

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SINC Sites

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Training and Development

DoIT Training and Development aims to promote and support employee development by providing high-quality training programs designed to meet individual, group, or departmental needs and objectives. 

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