Admin By Request

Admin By Request provides end users a way to request administrator access for their currently logged in user account.  It will allow you to have temporary administrative rights to your workstation, or to just a single application/executable on demand.

Using Admin By Request

  • Admin By Request client: The Admin By Request client must be installed on your workstation. If it is not, you can request it here.
  • One of the following operating systems:
    • Windows 10 or later
Approval Expiration

Approvals expire after 2 weeks. If you do not use your administrator access before it expires you will need to submit another request.

Code of Conduct

If your request is approved, DoIT Administrators will be able to see which applications you install and which programs you run.

Once you have the Admin By Request application installed on your workstation you can request administrative access for a specific program, which can be an application, installer, executable, etc. or an Admin Session, which will give limited admin rights for a short period of time.

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