Faculty/Staff Software Support

In an effort to maintain efficiency and reliability of computer equipment at Stony Brook University, DoIT's Customer Engagement and Support department has instituted software support standards.

Supported Operating Systems

** Don't forget to apply the latest operating system patches supplied by Microsoft and Apple to make sure your system is running optimally.**

Windows Version & Support

Windows XP : No longer supported

Windows Vista: No longer supported

Windows 7: Ongoing

Windows 8/8.1: Ongoing (Not being deployed)

Windows 10: Ongoing (Supported Standard)

Which Windows Operating System am I running?

*Please note that many University applications and web services have not been tested and may be incompatible with Windows 8, Windows 8.1*

Macintosh Version & Support

Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks) and earlier: No longer supported

Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite): Until 9/2017

Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan): Until 9/2018

Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra): Until 9/2019

Which Mac OS version am I running?


Supported Web Browsers

** Don't forget to apply the latest operating system patches supplied by Microsoft and Apple in order to ensure that the listed Web browsers will be supported.**

Windows Browser & Support

Internet Explorer: Version 11 only

Mozille Firefox: Latest Version

Google Chrome: Latest Version

Safari: Not supported 

Macintosh Browser & Support

Safari: Latest Version

Mozilla Firefox: Latest Version

Google Chrome: Latest Version

Supported Microsoft Office Suites

Windows Version & Support

Office 2010 and earlier: No longer supported

Office 2013: Ongoing

Office 2016: Ongoing

Macintosh Version & Support

Office 2008 and earlier: No longer supported

Office 2011: Until 9/2016

Office 2016: Ongoing

Supported Antivirus

Windows Version & Support

Symantec 12.1.6 Managed: Ongoing


Macintosh Version & Support

Not Recommended: Run Apple Software Updates

License Agreements

DoIT and SUNY routinely negotiate contracts with software vendors to help students, faculty, and staff gain access to academic and administrative software tools to help them be more productive. Stony Brook currently subscribes to the following license agreements:

Acquiring Software on Campus

Software is available for purchase or acquisition through a number of different venues on campus.

Additional Information

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