Becoming a DoIT Student Employee

FALL 2023 STAR IT Awardees are... Prova Aftab, Sarah Kleinman, Jubin Mathew, Valerie Zhao

Fall 2023 STAR IT Nominees are....

Timothy Shum-CES Client Support, Kevin Gao-CES Client Support, Prova Aftab- CTS, Kaitlyn Chau-CRes, Jubin Mathew CES,  Jason Tsai-CRes, Valerie Zhao-CES SINC, Rezvan Nafee-CES Client Support, Sarah Kleinman-CES, Derrick Lu-CES SINC, Vincent Ke-ATS, William Dang-CRes, Vincent Doung-CRes

Nominees will be announced monthly and four top winners will be awarded the Fall 23 STAR IT Award!


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Please check Handshake for any new opportunities for student employment or email: 

Eligible candidates for the job should:

  • Be available to work on campus
  • Communicate problems and solutions clearly and accurately

  • Be motivated to learn new technologies

  • Enjoy sharing knowledge & willing to show others how to use technology effectively

  • Be willing to work a minimum of 10/12 hours weekly (on campus)

  • Shift hours available 8 am – 12 am weekdays and  10:00 am - 12 midnight on weekends. Shift schedules are flexible.

  • Must be eligible to work in the US

  • In attendance for the required training session known as BOOTCAMP in August prior to the start of the Fall semester TBA.

What are the benefits of becoming a  DoIT student employee?

  • Hands-on experience with SBU computing systems & a variety of applications, while building your own technical and professional skills

  • Attend training/mentoring sessions to assist you in building a knowledge base of technical & customer service skills

  • You will have the opportunity to discover how much you already know; expand your knowledge; develop expertise in communicating this information by assisting others in the SBU community

How can you better prepare yourself for the job?

To learn more about other DoIT student employee opportunities go to the DoIT Student Employment page.

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