DoIT Student Employment Opportunities

Fall 2023 STAR IT Nominees are...

Timothy Shum-CES Client Support, Kevin Gao-CES Client Support, Prova Aftab- CTS, and Kaitlyn Chau-CRes, Jubin Mathew CES,  Jason Tsai-CRes, Valerie Zhao-CES SINC, Rezvan Nafee-CES Client Support


Nominees will be announced monthly and four top winners will be awarded the Fall 23 STAR IT Award!



The Division of Information Technology Student Employment

Student Assistant positions are open to any SBU student, regardless Of their financial aid package, year in school or citizenship. Students in these positions may work a maximum of  29 hours a week across all assignments.

Federal Work-Study (FWS) positions are funded by the U.S. government and eligibility is determined by a student’s FAFSA through the Financial Aid office. The total number of hours a FWS student may work during the academic year is determined by the amount of their FWS award, the hourly wage paid to the student and the number of weeks the student intends to work.

This policy limits student assistant employees at all times, including semester breaks and during the summer, to a maximum of 29 hours per week combined across all assignments. It is the responsibility of the students to know their schedules and how many hours per week they are working.

To become a DoIT student employee you must;

- be willing to work a minimum of 10/12 hours per week

- be available to work on campus
- be a matriculated SBU student
- have experience using MS Office or Google Apps
- have experience working in a Windows or MAC environment

Current DoIT positions:

Business Office- Student Reception

CES-Classroom Technology Student Technology Support Assistant 

CES-Classroom Technology Student Maintenance Specialist 

CES-Classroom Technology Student Maintenance Specialist -Apprentice

CES- ATS-Student Academic Technologist 

CES- ATS-Student Academic Technologist -Intern

CES- Digital Media Systems Student Assistant

CES- Media Systems Student Assistant

CES- Student Assistant 

CES- FWS Intern-paid/unpaid

CES- Sr. Leader- Internal

CES- Student Technician

CES- Student Support Technician

CES- Student Support Technician-Intern, FWS

CES- Student Workbench Technician

CES- Student Support Reception Desk

Cybersecurity-Student Tech

Cybersecurity-Student Tech-Intern

EAI- Student Junior Software Engineer

EAI- TLL Student Software Coder

EAI- Student Technical Administrative Assistant

HPC- Student Support HPC Assistant

Infrastructure- Student Intern Telephony Assistant

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