Computer Classrooms

Most SINC Sites may be reserved for classes. In addition, some computer classrooms are reserved exclusively for course use and are not used as open labs for students.

General Policies

The following are the general computer classroom policies:

Students should never be left unattended in a SINC site and doors should never be left propped open. The instructor should be the last one out and should be sure to close the door behind them. Never assume that the next instructor is coming.

Please power off all computer equipment before closing the room, to include the projector and AC units if used.

If you find any problems with hardware or software in a computer lab, please call 631-632-9602 as soon as possible so we can schedule a technician to investigate the problem.

No food or drink (including candy and water) are allowed in any SINC site.

Downloading software to computers is strictly prohibited.

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