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Last Updated: December 15, 2022
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Most SINC Sites can be reserved for classes. In addition, some computer classrooms are reserved exclusively for course use and not used as open labs for students.


  • Downloading to the DoIT networked computers is strictly prohibited, as is tampering with any plugs or network cables.
  • No food or drink (including candy and water) are allowed in any SINC site.
  • Students should never be left unattended in a SINC site and doors should never be left propped open. The instructor should be the last one out and should be sure to close the door behind them to an empty lab. Never assume that the next instructor is coming.
  • Please LOG off all  PC's (do not power off ) before leaving the lab. Power off  the data projector (if used).  
  • If you find any problems with hardware or software in any SINC Site, please create a service ticket using the IT Service Portal system, as soon as possible so we can schedule a technician to investigate the problem.  If we don't know it's broke, we cannot fix it. 
  • Open lab schedules for individual SINC Sites can be found on this DoIT webpage:
    • Student Consultants  (Not Tutors) can be found in any SINC Site during open lab hours.  They can assist you with a multitude of academic technology services.  
    • Students are permitted to use SINC Sites computers/printers only during open lab hours. 


The following lab policies were established in order to maintain a clean, safe and productive environment for all SINC Sites users:

  • Food and/or drinks are strictly prohibited in any SINC Site. To include candy and water.
  • Phone conversations should be kept very quiet so not to disturb other users or if necessary it should be taken outside of the lab.
  • SINC Sites are for registered students, staff, and faculty only; users may be asked to present a valid Stony Brook ID.
  • All equipment is to be used for academic and student purposes only.  Commercial uses are strictly prohibited.
  • Paper for the printers will be supplied by DoIT Only.  No personal paper will be permitted.
  • No computer/desk/table/booth may be left unattended for any reason.  If you leave the lab, you forfeit your place in the lab.
  • Only DoIT staff is permitted to handle any hardware.  Please ask consultants on duty for help.
  • Users may not view and/or print Pornographic or other offensive material in any SINC Site. Such material is a violation of University policy.    (Responsible Use of Information Technology Resources Policy)
  • Priority seating is granted to students who need to use a computer for academic purposes.
  • Users not actively using a workstation will be asked to yield the space to another user.
  • Installation of the software is prohibited.  
  • Priority seating is given to people with specific needs, for scanning and/or printing on the equipment specified for that purpose.
  • Priority seating is given to people needing to use a computer.  Laptop only users will be asked to relocate to the Commuter Lounge/Commons/Reading Room study area.
  • DoIT will not be responsible for any personal items left unattended.
    • Item left unattended will be removed from the lab and held at the Consultant Desk.
    • Our Staff will make every effort to contact the individual as soon as possible if the item contains identification, such as an email, a phone number or an address. 
    • Valuable items will be handed over to University Police
    • All lost & found items are kept for 1 semester. Items can be recovered from the individual SINC Site. All lost & found items will be appropriately disposed of at the end of each semester.
  • No pets allowed unless medically required.
  • No bicycles, rollerblades or skateboards are permitted inside any SINC Site.
  • DoIT will not be responsible for data not saved to the user's campus drive.  All work should be saved often or on your Google Drive
  • University Police or appropriate University personnel will be immediately notified of all uncooperative and/or disruptive behavior; as per the University Student Conduct Code.
  • Noncompliant users will be subject to action by the Student Judiciary Board.
  • These policies may be amended as necessary without prior notice.
  • We reserve the right to terminate any computer service, for any system left unattended or in lockdown mode. 

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