PHAROS Release Station Locations

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Last Updated: February 25, 2020

You can visit any one of these sites to release your job:

Campus Residences' Residential Computing Centers:

  • Baruch
  • Benedict
  • Cardozo
  • Chapin
  • Chávez (Chávez Residents Only)
  • Douglass
  • Nobel
  • O'Neill
  • Tabler 105
  • Tubman (Tubman Residents Only)
  • West

Public Computer Classrooms &/or Labs:

  • Chemistry SINC Site
  • Computer Science SINC Site
  • Engineering SINC Site
  • Harriman Hall SINC Site
  • Humanities Lounge
  • HSC Coller Lab (Room 128)
  • HSC Library Commons (Level 3) 
  • Life Science SINC Site
  • Math Library
  • Melville Library Central Reading Room
  • Melville Library North Reading Room
  • Melville Library SINC Site
  • SBS SINC Site
  • SoMAS Endeavour Hall (Room 160)
  • Southampton Student Center
  • Southampton Library
  • Southampton SINC Site (Chancellors Hall - 142)
  • Sports Complex Athletics Lab

 Public Standalone Kiosk Printers:

  • Biomedical Engineering Building (Room 106)
  • Campus Residences' HDV and GLS Center
  • Campus Residences' Irving College
  • Campus Residences' Roth Quad Cafe
  • Frey Hall (1st  Floor)
  • Humanities Lounge (1st Floor)
  • Javits Lecture Center (Lobby)
  • Melville Library Commuter Lounge
  • Physics Lobby
  • Psychology B (Room 128)
  • SAC Commuter Lounge (Upper Level)


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