Student Guide

Student Guide will provide information to help students understand the functions of Blackboard. Students will understand that Blackboard can be used to contact instructors, check grades, download course content, etc. 

Blackboard Help

Log in

To log into Blackboard, students need to use their NetID

Change your Password

When changing their password, students are require to create a catchphrase. This will increase the security of their account and prevent it from being hacked. 

View Grades

By viewing their grades, this allows students to monitor their progress in class. 

Submit Assignments

It is a tool that allows students to upload assignments to show professors their work. When uploading an assignment, it cannot be more than 250MB or else it will not upload. 

Assignments Common Issues

There are many common issues when uploading an assignment. Here are some:

Missing Courses

Has it been more than twenty-four hours since you enrolled in the course? If no, then please wait twenty-four hours. If has been more than twenty-four hours then follow this link:


Organize Course Lists

Customize your course list by rearranging or hiding your courses.

Language Preference

Change the language of Blackboard to a preferred language. 

Blackboard Mobile App

With just an internet connection, Blackboard can be access at anytime, anywhere. 

Turning Technology Clickers

Turning Technology

Turning Technology creates an engaging learning experiences for students. It is a wireless interactive polling systems, that allows students to click in large lecture rooms or classrooms.

Registering a Clicker

Registering a clicker is very important. By registering a clicker, it allows professor to identify who the clicker is.

TurningPoint Mobile Application

If you have forgotten your clicker and an instructor provides a session ID, you can use the TurningPoint mobile app to click in. 

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