Commonly referred to as Echo or SBCapture, Echo 360 is a versatile and reliable system that automatically captures lectures and converts classroom voice, video,and visual-aids into high quality media files. These media files can be accessed on-line from devices such as iPods, MP3 players, phones, and computers.  Instructors can also utilize Personal Capture, which allows them to record from their own computers.

Advantages of Echo360

Stony Brook University has an Echo 360 enterprise license for capturing lectures.  

Instructors who are teaching in classrooms that have an Echo appliance installed can request that their lectures be recorded. If you are not teaching in a classroom that is properly equipped or would like to record lectures from your office, you can use Echo Personal Capture.


Instructors decide how they would like their recordings published. Recordings can be automatically published to Blackboard or links to media files can be posted to a Web site. Instructors who request this service are provided an account where they can manage recordings and use a simple in-browser video editor. Students can subscribe to the recordings through RSS feeds.  


The SBCapture (Echo) system is an opt-in technology.  


Classroom Recordings (Room based):

If you are teaching in a classroom that has an Echo appliance installed (click here to check) , TLT can make arrangements to have your lecture(s) recorded.

To request that your course be recorded regularly, submit a SBCapture Scheduled Class Request Form.   

Should you need us to only record one class or event or would like to have a review session recorded, submit a Review Capture Request Form 


Personal Capture (from your own computer):

Instructors who wish to record from a computer in their office (or at home) may use Personal Capture.  It records your audio, webcam, and can capture your screen as well.  

Once you download the Personal Capture software, you will need to publish your recordings.  TLT can make arrangements to have your lectures automatically publish to Blackboard if you complete the Personal Capture Request Form.

Additional Resources

Faculty who have videos that they hold copyright on can have them added to SBCapture by completing the Video Drop Off Form. 

If you have a student who requires captioning, please know that is available for Echoes upon request.


Video Drop Off Form