25Live is a space and course scheduling system which enables the University to optimize the use of classroom, meeting and other spaces available on campus. This system helps simplify the room request/reservation process and provides analytics on space needs and assignments, therefore establishing a benchmark for efficient space usage on campus.


25 Live Academic Scheduling

The academic scheduling module enables users i.e. departments,faculty, TA's and RA's to find vacant classrooms during required times by providing view and scheduling access to a full roster of available spaces on the web application. Having visibility to classrooms across the campus gives the faculty/department/TA/RA to reserve space which may not be in their department, hence providing more flexibility to schedule classes at times they require to ensure maximum attendance and classroom occupancy.

The application integrates seamlessly with PeopleSoft to draw real time information about classrooms and scheduling to achieve greatest efficiency and utilization.


25Live Events Scheduling

The 25Live events scheduling application provides view access to facilities across campus that meet criteria like number of people attending, facilities required like AV, food and catering etc. providing better visibility to amenties available at a venue giving a better perspective to the individual wanting to reserve a space for an event.

The tool can be used to view venues and make reservations. The tool is also accessible to external vendors as well to hold events. They can view the space online and get in touch with the owner of the space to make the reservation on the predecided date and time.


X25 Reporting

The X25 Reporting engine enables users to generate comprehensive reports to assess efficiency and utilization of spaces like classrooms and event based venues. Some of the features provided by this tool include:

  • Creation of graphical reports which enable a better understanding of scheduling patterns 
  • Use pre configured dashboards to evaluate utilization information
  • Assess impacts on scheduling if an establishment is renderred unavailable due to renovation/repairs etc.
  • Check department adherance to allocated time slots

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