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Last Updated: June 16, 2016

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  1. From the 25Live home page, enter the item’s name in the events, locations, or resources search box (for example, enter "Frey" in the Search Locations field). Then select Go to view search results.
  2. Results will display in one of three views (select the List, Availability, or Calendar tab at the top to change views):

    quick search room/building list showing rooms and their information
    quick search availability grid for location search
    quick search results showing room/building calendar 

    Tip: If you need to use an item regularly, star it by selecting the star icon star icon to the left of an item's name in List or Availability view. Starred items will show up under favorites on the home page (note that too many starred items will slow down load time of your homepage)

  3. Click an item's name (e.g., Frey 100) to view more information. Then select between the tabs at the top (Details, list, Availability (Daily), Availability (Weekly), Calendar) to change views
    room details showing tabs for details, list, availability (daily), availability (weekly), and calendar
  4. In Availability or Calendar views, wherever you see the create an event icon, you can create an event; hold your mouse over an available date and time to reveal create an event for specific dates/times
    create an event at a specific time mouse pointer hover over
  5. Select create an event to start the event wizard

    When an event is started this way, the information from your quick search (e.g., room, time, resource details) will already be populated
    event wizard showing location and time information prepopulated from quick search

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