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Last Updated: March 03, 2016

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  1. Sign in to 25Live
  2. Click Create an Event
    Alternatively, if you know where or when your event should take place:
    a. Click I know WHEN...
    i. Click I know WHERE...
    b. Complete date, time, and number of attendees and Search within and then click Show me what's available 
    ii. Complete location, click Go, select your location (to adjust the date range, click on the dates and change) and click Show me this location's availability
    c. For the desired location, click Use This Location
    iii. Click on the desired time slot in the availability calendar
    d. Continue with step 3  iv. Continue with step 3 
  3. Complete event information as prompted (all fields marked with red asterisks * and any additional fields as applicable). Click Next to move between sections.
    Pay particular attention to these:
    1. Event Name*: Use a name that is clear and descriptive for you and others (this is the title that will appear on published calendars), ex: Football Game
    2. Event Title: A more formal name or, if a subset of a main event, enter the name of the main event, ex: for the Homecoming Football Game, Event Name "Football Game" would have Event Title "Homecoming 2014"
    3. Event Type*: select the most appropriate type for your event (you cannot change this type once the event has been saved)
    4. Event Head Count*: Complete based on how many people at one time you want the space to hold, not how many will attend throughout the event
    5. Event Description: Complete what you want your audience to read about your event
    6. Categories: Select all applicable event categories (available categories are based on the event type previously selected)
    7. Affirmation*: Check the I agree box
    8. Event State*: Verify or change the appropriate state from these options
      1. Draft: does not produce workflow. The resources and locations are not reserved. Draft events require follow up.
      2. Tentative/Confirmed: Selecting either of these creates an immediate workflow however, the resources and locations selected are not reserved at this time.
      3. Sealed: DO NOT USE
      4. Denied: All objects in the event are released, however, you can still edit the event to make changes.
      5. Cancelled: The event is cancelled, resources & locations are not reserved and you can no longer edit the event.
  4. As you complete sections, the left-hand side will display a summary. Click on any item from the summary to revisit that choice
  5. Once you've completed Event State, click Save (you will see a message indicating the event is being saved)
  6. Once saved, confirmation that the event was saved will display along with information about your event. From this confirmation, you can View Details, Edit, Email details or select More Event Options

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