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Last Updated: August 13, 2015

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  1. From the main 25Live homepage, in the Find Available Location box, select the appropriate link to search for rooms available by WHEN or by WHERE
    find available locations showing "I know When my event should take place--help me find a location!" and "I know WHERE my event should take place--help me choose a time!" 
  • Selecting I know WHEN allows you to find an available space based on your preferred date/time
    1. Complete the fields (Date, Start Time, End Time, Number of Attendees, search within), and then click Show me what's available
      searching by I know when with fields for date, start time, end time, number of attendees (required), search within and a button to Show me what's available
    2. Resuts display below. Select Use This Location to the right of the desired option

  • Selecting I know WHERE allows you to select a space based on your preferred building/room location
    1. Type in the name of the location, and select click Go.
      searching by I know where with field Find location by Name and Go button. Includes clickable option for "don't know the exact Location Search by Location Groups..." 
    2. Select desired location from the Select your location dropdown
      select your location dropdown menu 
    3. Select Show me this location's availability
    4. Results display. Select between the tabs at the top (Details, list, Availability (Daily), Availability (Weekly), Calendar) to change views
      availability grid for location search
    5. In Availability or Calendar views, wherever you see the create an event icon, you can create an event; hold your mouse over an available date and time to reveal create an event for specific dates/times
      create an event at a specific time mouse pointer hover over

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