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  1. From the main 25Live homepage, in the Find Available Location box, select the appropriate link to search for rooms available by WHEN or by WHERE
    • Selecting I know WHEN allows you to find an available space based on your preferred date/time:
      • Complete the fields (Date, Start Time, End Time, Number of Attendees, search within), and then click Show me what's available
      • Click Use This Location next to the location you'd like to reserve.

    • Selecting I know WHERE allows you to select a space based on your preferred building/room location
      1. Type in the name of the location, and select click Go.
      2. You will be prompted to enter the desired location and then click Show me this location's availability
      3. In Availability (Daily), you will see blocked out days/times used for Holidays or maintenance as well as early morning/late evening times that are closed.  Hover over a free/white space and click on the pencil icon to reserve your time in this room.
  2. Then fill out all the details in the of your event in the form provided and click Save when finished.

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