Generating a Space Availability by Meeting Pattern Report

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Last Updated: January 29, 2020

To run the space availability by meeting pattern report, 

  1. Click on the More tab on the upper right corner & select reports.
  2.  Then click Reports
  3. Select the Location Reports tab and click Space Avail by Meeting Pattern Custom
  4. Enter the report parameters.  Tip: Keep the start and end dates to one week otherwise the report will take longer to run.
  5. The location search dropdown will list all of the location searches you have saved.
  6. The Pad Time should have a value of 0 entered.  For easier searching on the report, select "yes" under Sort by Capacity and ignore Target Pattern Duration.
  7. Select your delivery method.
  8. Once you have all the fields populated click Run Report.

    If you chose to view the report now, a new tab will open and bring you to the download screen.  
    If this window does not appear make sure you have pop up’s enabled for 25Live. 

  9. Once your report has downloaded you are able to view all available space in each meeting pattern.

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