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Scheduling a SINC Site / Computer Classroom

The use of any SINC Site (computer classroom) requires a reservation confirmation.   Computer classrooms require special scheduling considerations to allow for:
•  Staffing the site for open student access.
•  Special setups and computer configuration including special requests for software (see the section on software requests below). 
•  Access control management to protect valuable equipment.
•  DoIT cannot guarantee any confirmation for requests that are not received at least 1 - 2 week prior to the requested date.



HSC Coller Lab and Computer Classrooms



Computer classrooms (SINC Sites) are a shared resource and are in high demand. 
Instructors should therefore only request a computer classroom for an entire semester if:

  • At least 70% of the classes will require the use of a computer by all the students. 
  • If the computers are to be used less than 70% the Ad Hoc scheduling process should be used (see below).  

SINC Sites are not confirmed based just on seating & availability; software and hardware needs must be considered and in a timely fashion.  Computer classrooms are assigned for semesters on the following basis:

  • Number of computer seats required
  • Special equipment needs (e.g., multimedia equipment in the e-media SINC Site)
  • Software requirements must be requested each semester (to include version upgrades).  Software is not guaranteed for any semester without a request.   Please do not assume that software is still on the PC image from a previous semester.   Please fill out a software request form each semester. 

Full semester classroom reservations will be granted for the semester only.  (See form link below)

  • Full semester requests should be made by the department scheduler only.
  • Sending Registrar a SINC Site room number without a reservation confirmation from DoIT, does not guarantee anyone the use of the lab.
  • Adding your class to PeopleSoft does not guarantee the reservations.  Confirmations will be sent out when the Full semester form has been received.
  • There are no roll-over classes in a SINC Site. Requests must be submitted each semester.
  • Finals week or any other reservation requests require a separate Ad Hoc reservation (see below).

All Departmental priority reservation requests for the Fall & Summer semesters & Finals Weeks must be received by May 1st.  
All Departmental priority reservation requests for the Winter & Spring semesters & Finals Weeks must be received by October 1st.

  • Any full term or one-time only reservations not adhering to these dates cannot be guaranteed.
    • No full term requests will be accepted after the drop/add date in any semester.
    • Full-term requests should be sent to DoIT either after you have selected a computer classroom in PeopleSoft or before the dates above prior to the semester the request is needed. 
  • All departmental requests will be honored first until the above dates. After the above dates all reservation requests will be honored on a first-come-first-serve basis.
    • Late &/or last minute full semester class add ons will be subject to availability.
  • All SINC Site reservations are for the semester session only. Finals weeks requires a separate request.
  • Full semester reservation cannot be confirmed until DoIT can verify the class schedules in 25Live.

**Use the form link in the Files and Links section below to make all Full semester computer classroom requests.


AD HOC RESERVATION (single or occasional use) REQUESTS:

  • Ad hoc reservations will only be scheduled after all pending full semester requests have been honored. 
  • Submitting requests at least 2 weeks (10 working days) prior to the date the computer lab will be needed for class(es) will significantly increase the chances that a lab will be available and give time for alternate arrangements if one is not. 
  • To ensure rapid processing and configuration of facilities all AD Hoc reservations must be made by completing the  DoIT Computer Classroom Request  Google form. 
    • All required fields on this form must be completed or the request may not be processed in a timely manner. 
    • This form requires confidential information including employee ID number.
    • The DoIT SINC Site Coordinator can be contacted at 632-9608 or  No other office is authorized to schedule these facilities.  
  • Only Ad Hoc requests will be accepted after the drop/date in any semester.
  • Confirmations can take 1 - 2 weeks to be sent. Please plan accordingly.


  • Room reservations should be canceled as far in advance of the reservation as possible to enable other instructors or students to use the facility.  

Instructor Responsibilities:

  • Must bring their SBU ID card with them to gain access to the room.
  • Students should not be left unattended in a SINC Site during or after class time. 
  • When your class is finished we require that the room be locked by closing the door to an empty classroom.
  • When closing a SINC Site all lights and data projectors must be turned off. 
  • Do not power off PCs.  log off but not power down.
  • Do not power off any printers.
  • Hardware/Cables should never be modified. 
  • All posted SINC Site posted policies must be followed. 
  • Please report any problems with the room or equipment by going to the IT Service Portal system.    Keep in Mind:  If we don't know it's broke...We cannot fix it.

Internet Access and Printing in a SINC Site:

  • Access to all SINC Site computer requires active NetID's.
  • Outside Trainers/Instructors will be required to get an Affiliate ID Card in order to get a NetID. 
  • Due to major security concerns, guest access is no longer permitted from within a SINC Site.
  • If faculty or students need help with resetting their NetID security question, they will need to go to this DoIT webpage for more information:
  • Printing is not provided in any SINC Sites during class schedules.  Any paper and toner changes are supplied during open lab hours only unless specific arrangements have been made prior to the scheduled class reservation.

All SINC Site Reservations Require Security Access

SINC Sites do not open/close as do regular classrooms.  SBU ID Prox badges are used for security entrance into any SINC Site.  Faculty/Staff security access accounts are created for one school term (Sept. - May). Student & TA security access accounts are created for one semester only. This can be a multiple department process and immediate attention cannot be guaranteed to anyone who gets in touch with us without at least one - two weeks notice.  Once a lab is reserved, the instructor will receive an e-mail letting them know what they will need to do for access & all policy, procedures they will be responsible to adhere to.

General Policies:

  • Downloading to the DoIT networked computers is strictly prohibited, as is tempering with any plugs or network cables.
  • NO food or drink (including candy and water) is allowed in any SINC Site.
  • Click here for additional SINC Site information 


For all FULL semester SINC Site (computer classrooms) requests please use the file below under the Files & Links section.
~ Want to find out what types of classrooms are accessible for your use?   Go to the DoIT Classroom Finder:
~ To make software requests for a SINC Site reservations, please fill out this online form:

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