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Created: 08/01/2012 Last Updated: 05/30/2024

Instructors who need  to have a particular software package installed in the SINC Sites/Computer Classrooms must fill out the Software Request Form

To ensure that a software package can be installed on SINC Site (Computer classroom) computers the following must be determined:

  • Does the software interfere with any already installed software that must be on the machines (this includes security holes)?
  • Can it be installed within the current disk space?
  • Will it work in a Windows / Mac multi-user environment?
  • IT staff must also determine if the software licensing is adequate.
  • Be sure to have the exact name and version of the software you are requesting and any necessary web addresses (if applicable). 
  • Software requirements should be requested each semester (to include version upgrades). Software is not guaranteed for any semester without a request.
  • Any software request not received within 8 weeks prior to the semester needed, cannot be assured of installation for at least the first 4 weeks of that semester.

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