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Last Updated: August 11, 2020
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Instructors who need  to have a particular software package installed in the SINC Sites/Computer Classrooms must fill out the Software Request Form

To ensure that a software package can be installed on SINC Site (Computer classroom) computers the following must be determined:

  • Does the software interfere with any already installed software that must be on the machines (this includes security holes)?
  • Can it be installed within the current disk space?
  • Will it work in a Windows / Mac multi-user environment?
  • IT staff must also determine if the software licensing is adequate.
  • Be sure to have the exact name and version of the software you are requesting and any necessary web addresses (if applicable). 
  • Software requirements should be requested each semester (to include version upgrades). Software is not guaranteed for any semester without a request.
  • Any software request not received within 8 weeks prior to the semester needed, cannot be assured of installation for at least the first 4 weeks of that semester.

CDs and DVDs (Windows only)

CDs and DVDs that come with textbooks, etc. that are used in a course should also be tested for compatibility with SINC Site computers. Programs that are run from CD or disk must be included in our Run List for them to operate even if they do not require installation. Please include such programs in your request.

***Optical drives are being phased out of all SINC Sites (computer classrooms), Windows & Macs.  Do Not assume that any classroom will have an optical drive for use.  It is recommended that if you are still using this technology that you contact a Library Liaison and subject specialist.  For more  information:

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