Checking My Print Quota

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Created: 09/05/2012 Last Updated: 04/08/2024

Print Quota is available for currently enrolled students who pay a tech fee.  

To check your print quota balance, please follow one of these two options:

Visit a Pharos Release Station

1. At any Pharos Release Station, swipe your Stony Brook University ID card.  Once it loads, your balance will be displayed on the screen.

Check Your Quota Online

In order to access the website listed below, you will need to use a campus networked computer (i.e. SINC Site Computer), be on WolfieNet-Secure, or be connected to the campus network via VPN from an off-campus location.

1. Go to in any web browser.

2. Log in using your NetID and NetID Password.

3. Your balance will be displayed in the bottom left corner of the window under "My Funds".

Check Your Quota using Pharos Remote App

1. Download the Pharos Remote App onto your device. 

2. Sign into Pharos Remote App.

3. Please refer to this link if there are any issues:

**Remember to print double sided whenever possible, it saves $$$ / quota and trees.

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