Updating PeopleSoft Data for an Employee

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Created: 05/21/2014 Last Updated: 04/10/2024

About Updating Employee Data

You might update personal information for new or existing SBU employees for Pre-Employment.

  • Existing Employees: update the personal and demographic information for your State and Research employees in PeopleSoft (employees can also do this themselves in SOLAR)
  • New Employees: if hiring a person in your department that already exists in the PeopleSoft database (perhaps s/he was a past student or volunteer), update his/her personal and demographic information and add the new pre-employment information

When updating new employees in PeopleSoft, there are several steps. Once you've determined that the new employee already exists in PeopleSoft, you are ready to update his/her data.

Finding Employee Personal Data in Peoplesoft

From within PeopleSoft, click on Main Menu > SBU > SBU Human Resources > Use > Employee Personal Data

Updating Employee Personal Data

  1. In Search Criteria Empl ID box, type or paste the employee's Stony Brook ID number 
  2. Click Search
  3. Review the following information and make any changes as necessary:

Personal Data

  1. Click the Personal Data1 tab
  2. Name changes can only be completed by HR Staff when the employee provides the required documentation
  3. National ID (Social Security Number), Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy), and Birth Country are required. Be sure all are completed
  4. To update Gender, Highest Education Level, and/or Marital Status, click the add a new row+button in the Biogrphical History section, and then update* the content. The Effective Date for the new content will default to today's date.
    *note that some data can only be changed by HR

Contact Information

  1. Click the Contact Information tab
  2. Click View Address Detail next to the Address Type you want to update
  3. Click the add a new row+button, and then a new Effective-dated row will be inserted above the existing one. 
  4. Enter the Effective Date of the new address in the new row and click the Add Address link. 
  5. Enter the new address* and click OK, and then click OK again to return to the Contact Information page
    *If entering a foreign address, click Change Country first
  6. In the Phone Information section, both Home and Office 1 are required Phone Types. To update an existing Phone Type number, simply replace the old number with the new one (do not add a new row for this update)
  7. To add a Phone Type not listed 
    1. Click the add a new row+button 
    2. Choose the Phone Type
    3. Enter the complete telephone number, including area code
  8. For Preferred in Phone Information, check the box next to the preferred phone and uncheck any other phone numbers so that only one is selected the preferred


  1. Click the Eligibility/Identity tab
  2. Be sure both Ethnic Group and Military Status are completed. 
  3. Select the Ethnic Group by clicking the magnifying glassmagnifying glassbutton
  4. To update Military Status click the add a new row+button first, and then update the status in the new row

SB Personal Data

  1. Click the SB Personal Data tab
  2. Be sure Domestic Partner/Spouse Name (with either format: First Last or Last, First) and Citizenship Status are both completed. 

Pre Employement

The information in this tab must be completed for all State and Research employees. It is also used to facilitate getting an ID Card (not a Badge), SOLAR account, email account, and Library access for employees BEFORE the hire process is completed by HR (see step 39). 

  1. Click the Pre Employement tab
  2. For OFFICE ADDRESS, Enter Zip + 4 and click the tab key on the keyboard, and the Buliding# will automatically populate; then add the Room number in the Room field
  3. In the Pre-Employment section, if there is existing data, add a new row+button and then make any changes to the following as needed.
    If there is no existing data In the Pre-Employment section, complete all of the following:
    1. For Hire Dt, enter the employee's acutal Hire Date. If hire date canages before the employee starts, this must be modified.
    2. For Eff Date, enter the Effective Date. This is the date that you want this pre-employment information to become effective*
      *This date can be no earlier than today’s date or in the future up to 70 days before the employee’s hire date for those employees who need to obtain an ID Card, SOLAR account, email account and/or Library access early. Do not enter a date earlier than today!
    3. Select Business Unit; RSFND (for Research) or USBNY (for State).
    4. For Dept, enter the Department ID (6-digit budget account code followed by 2 zeros). If you do not know the Department ID, click the magnifying glass button and search for the department by name.
    5. Status should default to Active when adding a new employee. It will automatically be changed to Inactive once the hire process is completed by HR.
    6. For Email, and/or Library access, check the box(es)
    7. The Fac/Staff and SOLAR box will be checked automatically, if applicable, when you enter the Dept ID. This information is used to indicate that the new employee needs an ID Card and SOLAR account.
    8. If this is a Southampton employee, check the box for this option. 


  1. Once you've entered all of the required information on the pages in Employee Personal Data, click the SAVE button

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