Stony Brook University uses PeopleSoft as its core administrative system for managing Financial, Human Resources and Student Administration operations.

PeopleSoft Databases

Campus Solutions (CS)

• Admissions
• Course Catalog and Scheduling Classes
• Financial Aid
• Student Financials/Bursar
• Student Records and Registration

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Human Capital Management (HCM)

• Human Resources
• Affiliates
• Campus Budget Module

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• Stony Brook Foundation
• Faculty Student Association

Getting Started with PeopleSoft

You must get approval in order to access PeopleSoft, and in some cases, you'll need to complete training first.

Request Access

In order to have access to the PeopleSoft Databases, faculty/staff must make a request to the appropriate data custodian.


View printable instructions and interactive training demos.

Off-Campus Access

To access the system from off-campus, users must be connected to Stony Brook's Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Features of the HCM and CS Databases

Real-Time Data Syncing

Some data is synchronized between the HCM and CS databases. This includes person, workforce, and security data. If you change your password in one, that will sync, too.

Seamless Access to Both Databases

The CS and HCM menus are synchronized. Log in to the one you primarily work in and you will see all of the menus that you have access to regardless of which database they reside in. Need to know which database you are in? From a PeopleSoft page, press Ctrl+J or Shift+Ctrl+J to display database information.

Have Two Databases Open

You can have two PeopleSoft databases open at the same time in the same browser if each is open in its own session. This will not work if you simply open a new window or tab in the same browser session.

Supported Browsers

What browsers are supported by PeopleSoft with PeopleTools 8.55?

Supported browsers for PeopleSoft with PeopleTools 8.55 (as of October 2017)

  • Apple Safari: 2 Releases (9.0, 8)
  • Google Chrome: 1 Release (43)
  • IBM DB2 Client: 4 Releases (11.1, 10.5, 10.1, 9.7)
  • IBM DB2 Connect: 4 Releases (11.1, 10.5, 10.1, 9.7)
  • Microsoft Edge: 1 Release (25.10586)
  • Microsoft Excel: 3 Releases (2016, 2013, 2010)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: 1 Release (11)
  • Microsoft SQL Server Client: 3 Releases (2016, 2014, 2012)
  • Microsoft Word: 3 Releases (2016, 2013, 2010)
  • Mozilla Firefox: 2 Releases (42, 38 ESR)
  • Oracle Database Client: 3 Releases (,,

PeopleSoft CS and HCM FAQs

Where should I run my processes?

Run them in the database instance you are currently working in, CS or HCM.

Where should I run my queries?

Run your queries as you normally would.  If you cannot find your query in the Query Manager, check the Query Manager in the other database, HCM or CS.

What if the same query shows different results on different systems?

Issues with the data that you see in your queries will be addressed by University Information Systems.  Contact them for assistance.

Where should I run my reports?

Human Resources reports must be run in the HCM database and Campus Solutions reports must be run in the CS database. Budget Module reports are run in the HCM database.

What should I do if I see my data is not synchronized between CS and HCM?

There may be a problem with data that needs to be addressed by the business department. University Information Systems can assist with getting the data in sync.

Additional Information

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