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Staff in most departments use PeopleSoft for some aspect of their jobs whether it be to view employee records, view student records, schedule classes or work on the department budget. PeopleSoft is broken down into specific areas so that staff can be assigned access to just the processes needed to do their job.

Data Custodians

Each area has a "Data Custodian" who is responsible for approving and assigning access. Users must contact the data custodian in each area needed for their job (see the list below).

Once access is approved and assigned by the data custodian the user will be contacted by the person responsible for training. Training must be completed in order to obtain an ID and password.

Area of Responsibility Data Custodian
Accounting - IFR Accruals
Sara Lehmann, Guneeta Jaspal, Lolita Sung
Elizenda Mondesir, Nick Candela, Cathy Ribando, Katherine P. Soto, Christopher Vandemark
Campus ID Card/Add Non-Employees Student Financial Services IT
Finance - SBF Michael DanielsonJo-Ann Daniels, Edward Collins
Finance - USB Michael Danielson, Edward Collins
Foreign Nationals Lindsi Walker
Human Resources - West Campus
(includes SOM and HSC) 
Human Resources Information Systems
Human Resources - Univ. Hospital Laura Greenberg, Jordana Dory
Student - Catalog and Scheduling Michael Mooney
Student Employment in SOLAR Request Form
Student - Financial Aid Adelaide Kuzmack
Student - Financials Student Financial Services IT
Student - Graduate and Health Sciences Admissions Richard MacDonald
Student - Records and Registration Michael Mooney, Stephen Fogarty
Student - SPD Admissions Lori Lyons
Student - Transfer Deborah Serling
Student - UG Admissions David Taiclet


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