PeopleSoft: Scheduling Classes

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Created: 08/01/2012 Last Updated: 04/08/2024

Department class schedulers use PeopleSoft to schedule classes for each term. As a part of the scheduling process, many additional reports are also run to determine class enrollment, instructor schedules, if additional sections are needed, and more.


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  1. Overview of the Pages Used for Scheduling
  2. Overview of the Scheduling Process
  3. Print an MS Review Report
  4. Add New Instructors to the Instructor/Advisor Table
  5. Update Instructors
  6. Update Room/Days/Times
  7. Increase/Decrease Enrollment Capacity
  8. Reserve Capacity
  9. Inactivate a Class 
  10. Add More Course Sections
  11. Add a Course That Was Not Rolled to the the New Term
  12. Enforce Pre-Requisite Screening
  13. Copy Research Dept Class Instructors (for updating tutorial sections)
  14. Print Dept Class Validation Report
  15. Dept Class Validation Error Messages
  16. Print Class Schedule for Distribution
  17. Print Course Schedule Sheets 
  18. Print Meeting Vector Counts
  19. Give Permission to Register
  20. Print a Class Enrollment Report
  21. Print Class/Grade Roster
  22. Access Class Schedule Audit Reports in SBU Reporting
  23. How to Finalize Class Schedule Data (for Instructional Workload Analysis)