Installing the Latest Security Update (1909a) to Your Windows 10 Machine

Windows 1909

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This is a large security update that will take around 2 hours to install overnight and then another 15 minutes to finalize when you sign into the computer the next morning.  Below are the instructions for individuals to install the update themselves on a day that would be convenient to have the installation run overnight and then finalize the next morning.  

If your computer has not been updated in a while (see Software Update Schedule for your department), it may take longer the next morning to finalize.  It is important to ensure your machine stays on during the entire process.

This update applies to Windows 10 machines that are Managed by DoIT.  If you are not sure whether your computer is managed by us, please contact your IT support person. 

Video Tutorial

I  Starting the Overnight Installation (~15 Minutes)

Start the overnight installation before you leave for the day. Steps 1-9 will take 10-15 minutes. 
Your computer must be on Stony Brook’s network (Internet) to access the KACE system.

  1. Save your work, close all applications and restart your computer and then Log in again.

  2. Write down your computer name and check to see if you are running an older version of Windows 10:

    • Press the Windows key on your keyboard and type “Name” to search for View your PC Name.

    • Click on View your PC Name or press the Enter key.

    • Write down your Device name and check the Version.  

      • If you have 1909 you are updated and do not need to do anything further.  

      • If you do not have Version 1909, please follow the steps in the guide.

  3. Go to KACE Systems Management Appliance Service Center at and enter:

    • Login:  NetID

    • Password:  NetID password

    • Organization:  Client Support

  4. On the KACE homepage, click Downloads:

  5. On the Downloads page, click Update Windows 10 to 1909.

  6. On the Downloads:  Info and Download screen, if you only have one Windows 10 computer, verify the name and then click Install.  If you have more than one, select the Device to Install Software on and choose the name of the Windows 10 computer you are updating.  Then click the Install button at the bottom of the screen.

    Momentarily, a small orange window will appear on the bottom right of your screen near the clock on the Download History page. This is our KACE system beginning the installation process. It will provide you the opportunity to “snooze” to delay the update a couple of hours, if needed.

  1. Click OK to proceed.

    • If the orange box does not appear and the Update to Windows 10 to 1909 says Failed in the Status column, restart your computer and go back to Step 1 in these instructions.

    • If your computer is already updated to version 1909 a message will appear that says “Congrats!! It is already installed!” and you do not need to do anything further.

  2. Click OK at the next 2 orange screens. 
    *The Windows 10 setup files may take a few minutes to copy over before you see the Updating Windows 10 to 1909 screen.  Please be patient. 

  3. This screen is ensuring your computer has sufficient space and compatibility. This will take a few minutes.  Next, the screen will say “Computer has enough space” and will move on to the next screen automatically. 

If there is an error, this means that your computer may not have sufficient drive space and you will need to contact support ( to have the issue investigated by a technician.


II The Overnight Process (~2 Hours)

  1. Once you see the Installing Windows 10 screen you may lock your computer and leave for the day. 

    Press the Windows button and  button on your keyboard to lock your computer.

  2. As the installation progresses, your computer will display multiple messages:


III  Finalizing the Installation the Next Morning (~15 Minutes)

When you sign onto your computer the next morning, the update will take about 10 - 15 minutes to finish.  
*Be sure to leave the computer on the whole time. 

After the “This might take several minutes” screen clears, you’re good to go. Please sign in and enjoy your freshly upgraded computer. If you encounter any issues with this please reach out to your I.T. support contact.

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