Connecting to the Virtual SINC Site

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This Information is Intended for: Instructors, Researchers, Staff, Students
Created: 07/12/2022 Last Updated: 05/01/2024


  • Your Stony Brook University NetID account
  • A properly configured DUO account
  • A working network connection
  • The following web browsers
    • Google Chrome 57 or later
    • Safari 11 or later (MacOS only)
    • Firefox 55 or later
    • Microsoft Edge (Chromium version) 79 or later

One important note before continuing

  • Caution! There is a 30 minute idle timeout. A warning message will appear that time is running out. Be aware that you may be leaving unfinished projects alone too long. You will lose your work!

Using the Virtual SINC Site

  • In your web browser of choice, enter the following URL in the address bar and press Enter:



  • You'll be directed to a page asking for you to sign in with your email or phone. 
  • Type in your Stony Brook provided email.  Should be something like and press Enter:
    • If you do not know already, everyone with a NetID also has a West Campus email address.  Even if you're someone from East Campus.
    • Also, what you know as your Stony Brook email address is really your NetID typed in a different format.


  • Next enter your Stony Brook email password:


  • You'll be prompted to accept a DUO multifactor authentication push sent to your phone. Press Accept to continue:



  • Click on, "Yes, trust browser" to continue:


  • This next window is more personal preference. But select something to continue:


  • You should then see a catalog of apps and desktops one can connect to.
  • Shown below the virtual desktops are the last 3 icons in the list:

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