Adding Users or Changing the Role of Users in Your Brightspace Course

Instructors can add Stony Brook users with NetIDs to their Brightspace Courses. Be sure to add users using a unique identifier like their NetID or Stony Brook ID.

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Last Updated: March 28, 2023
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Instructors who have access to the Course Admin tool in their Brightspace course site can add individual users with NetIDs to their course by assigning them a role (roles provide the level of permissions within a Brightspace course). 

For credit courses, when students officially add or drop a course, their access to the Brightspace course site will update by the following day. If students cannot wait, the instructor may add them manually using the instructions below so they get access to course materials right away.

You can only add one user at a time, so to add many users, provide a spreadsheet (that includes: Course ID and section, first name, last name, and SOLAR ID number) and create a service ticket at

Brightspace Roles

  • Instructor
  • Graduate TA*
  • Undergraduate TA
  • Learner (student)
  • Instructional Technologist
  • Read Only

*It is important to note that only FERPA trained graduate students should be given the role of Graduate TA for the purposes of grading.


To add users to a Brightspace course, you must be an instructor in the course. You'll also need the Stony Brook ID (Solar ID) and/or NetID of the user you want to add (you can search by name, but it is best to add users by their unique IDs to be sure you add the correct users.

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Adding Users to Your Course

  1. Navigate into a course to add users
  2. On the Stony Brook red navigation bar, i.e. the Navbar, click Course Admin (or select More then click Course Admin)
  3. Click Classlist
  4. Select the Add Participants drop down and select Add existing users
  5. In Add Existing Users, if you see it, click Show Search Options
  6. Then under Search In, check the boxes to search for ☑︎ First Name, ☑︎ Last Name, ☑︎ Org Defined ID (i.e., Stony Brook ID/SOLAR ID), ☑︎ Username (i.e., NetID)
  7. In the Search For... box under Add Existing Users, type your search terms, e.g., Bob, Smith, Bob Smith, B Smith, bsmith, 123456789, etc. Tap Enter on your keyboard or click 🔍 to search
    Tip: You cannot search by email address nor first.last. Search for NetID, SolarID, First Last, Last First instead
  8. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the results
  9. In the Search Results, check the box next to the user you'd like to add 
  10. On the right under Role, select the role you want to assign the user (e.g., Undergraduate TA)
  11. Click Enroll Selected Users
  12. In the Confirmation of Enrollment, click Done or Add More Participants

Changing the Role (Permissions) of Someone Already in Your Course

  1. Navigate into a course to change user roles
  2. On the Stony Brook red navigation bar,, i.e. the Navbar, click Course Admin (or select More then click Course Admin if your window isn't maximized)
  3. Click Classlist 
  4. Check off name of the individual whose role you would like to change and click Enrollment
  5. Under New Role, choose from the drop down menu
  6. Click Save when finished

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