DoIT offers an eFax service that allows users to receive faxes (via e-mail) using any personal computer, laptop, or wireless device connected to the Internet.

What is eFax?


The charge for this service is $3 per month plus eight cents per page for both sending and receiving faxes. To avoid additional charges, you may choose to scan and email rather than fax.

How to Obtain

To request an eFax number, please send an email to Telnet Billing at telnet_billing@stonybrook.edu with the following information:

•A valid email address (preferrably an @stonybrook.edu or @stonybrookmedicine.edu email address) - this is the email address where faxes will be sent
•The appropriate budget account number to be charged for this service
•A contact name and phone number
•Once we receive your email, an account will be created for you and the Telnet Billing team will contact you with your 10-digit eFax number.

Receiving eFaxes

•Someone will send a fax to your eFax number.
•Your fax will arrive as an email from eFax.
•Open the email and your fax will be attached.

Learn more about attachments in Google Mail.

Additional Information

There are no additional resources available for this service.

Please Contact

Telnet Billing