Webex Calling Overview

Stony Brook University has partnered with Cisco to bring a new Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications system to the campus. It is a Cloud-based Webex Calling, which is reliable and flexible with great features for users at a cost savings to the campus. Webex Calling is a single app that will work across a multitude of devices, including your desktop computer, laptop, and cellphone. In many cases, a traditional desk phone may not be needed.

Unified Communications Technology

  • Unified communications technology will eventually allow you to seamlessly collaborate with other people, even if you are in separate locations. You will be able to quickly locate people by accessing an interactive directory, engage in text messaging sessions, and escalate sessions to voice calls or one on one  video calls if desired.
  • Presence will allow you to see if someone you're trying to contact is available.


  • Stony Brook's VoIP system will bring you greater mobility. Hand off calls in progress from your cell phone to desktop phone and back to your cell phone for true mobility. This will allow you to take advantage of Wi-Fi technology where available, while saving on billed cellular minutes. When you originate phone calls from a non-Stony Brook device defined in your profile, the caller ID will appear to be sent from your Stony Brook telephone number.
  • Publish your Stony Brook telephone number and choose which device you answer calls on, (cell phone, desk phone, home phone, PC/laptop, or tablet for one-number service).

Cisco Webex Features


Use intelligent routing, hold / retrieve, IP Phone control


Use chat with reactions and threading

Enterprise-grade Security

Integration with DLP, Cisco CloudLock-ready or 3rd-party CASB integration



Getting Started

1st: Set Up Your Account

Start by setting up your Cisco Webex Account.

  1. In a web browser, go to settings.webex.com/login
  2. Enter your @stonybrook.edu email address and NetID password

Manage Account

From the user portal, manage and configure features and settings: check your voicemails, set up mobility settings, manage incoming call settings and Schedule Settings, view the Directory, and see call history.

As an end user, the calling user portal enables you to manage voicemail  and configure your user features and settings, such as: 

  • Reset your Voicemail password
  • Listen to your Voicemail messages
  • Delete your Voicemail 
  • Manage Voicemail Notifications
  • Call Forward
  • Set Do Not Disturb
  • Block unwanted calls



Setting Up Your Voicemail

From your desk phone:

Step 1

Dial X24411 from your desk phone. 

Step 2

If you are off campus and prompted for your ID (5 digit extension) 

Step 3

Enter the temporary PIN 753489.

Step 4

Follow the prompts to set up a new PIN. (6-24 digits, no patterns eg: 121212, 222555,88888888, etc



For Soft Phone Users

- Type settings.webex.com into your browser and enter your email address and hit sign in

- Sign in through single sign-on

- Hit reset pin and set a new password



Voice Mail Prompts

Main Menu

[1] To access your voicemail box

  •  Press 1 to listen to Messages ( New/ Saved message)
  • Press 2 to change your busy greeting
  • Press 3 to change your no answer greeting
  • Press 4 to change your extended away greeting
  • Press 5 to compose and send message
  • Press 7 to delete all messages
  • Press * to go back to the Voice portal
  • Press # to repeat the menu

[3] To go to the greetings menu

  • Press 1 to record your name 
    • Press 2 to listen to your recorded name
  • Press * to go back to previous menu
  • Press # to repeat the menu

 [8] To change your passcode

  • please enter your new password then press the # key
  • Press * to go back to previous menu

[9] To exit the voice portal

(#) To repeat the menu


Listening to Messages

[2] Repeat message 

[#] Save message 

[7] Delete message 

[4] Reply to message 

[5] To play the message envelope

[6] To skip to the next message 

 [9] Additional Options

(1) To Reply to this message

(2) To Forward this message

(3) To go back to the previous message

(4) (#)To repeat this message

(*) To go back to the previous menu

[#]-[#] Skip to next message 

[*] Cancel playing message 

[*] Previous message 

[1]-[6] Next message


Password and Lock Reset

- Type settings.webex.com into your browser and enter your email address and hit sign in

- Sign in through duo

- Hit reset pin and set a new password 


VoiceMail to Email

You have the ability to have your VoiceMail (VM) sent to your email via a .wav file. This setting takes place immediately and all voicemail messages will be copied to your email.

You must still log into your voicemail to completely delete messages. If you do not manually delete the messages, they will be automatically deleted in 30 days. Deleting the email will not delete the voicemail.


Accessing your Voicemail

To access your voicemail utilize the message soft key for your phone or dial *VM (*86) or x24411 from your phone.

For remote access dial (631) 632-4411.



To access your voicemail utilize the message key on your desk phone or dial *86 or x24411 from your phone.
For remote access dial (631) 632-4411.


Soft phone

To access your voicemail your soft phone dial *86, dial X24411or sign into settings.webex.com from a browser.



PIN/Box Resets

- Type settings.webex.com into your browser and enter your email address and hit sign in

- Sign in through duo

- Hit reset pin and set a new password 



Phone Guide


      Cisco 7811



    Cisco 7841      



            Cisco 7811                



          Cisco 7851    




Softphone Webex App User Guide



Training Videos

Learn more about using your Cisco phone with a video specific to your device, or watch this general Cisco Phone Training video.




Common Questions
How do I dial internally? (5 digit extension)
  • Dial the last five digits of the number you wish to call
  • Example 631-632-9800→ 2-9800
How do I dial outside the University?
  •  Domestic 1 + Area Code + Number
  • International= 011 + Country Code + telephone number
Is calling to Emergency Services the same?

Due to the introduction of softphones, which can technically be used anywhere, there have been changes in calling for help as follows:

  • If you are on campus, whether you are using a desk phone or the Webex softphone and you need help- you will dial 333. Your call will go to University Police.
  • If you are working off-campus using the softphone- you will dial 911. Your call will be sent to the closest Public dispatch center. This is because when you use your softphone in a new location for the 1st time you will be prompted to enter the address of where you are calling from. The system will remember this location. Each time you use your softphone from a new location you will have to enter a location and each time that location will be remembered.
Will I have access to a softphone

Webex requires a net-id to function for a softphone. If you are the sole owner of the extension and can log onto the Cisco Webex App using  single sign on you will automatically have access to the softphone. You can use the softphone as your primary source of communication on up to 10 devices. There is no need for a desk telephone.

If I am using a shared phone/common area phone can I use a softphone?

No, Webex requires a dedicated net-id user per softphone.

What features will my new desk phone or softphone have?

Please go to: www.it.stonybrook.edu/services/cisco-webex  for a list of features available.

Will Voicemail have the same telephone number access:

No, The access telephone number has changed to:

  • Ext: 2-4411 if you are calling from a webex phone
  • Tele number: (631) 632-4411 if you are calling from a non Stony Brook University number, eg: cell phone 
Are the features in Voicemail the same as we currently have?

No, We changed vendors so the features will be slightly different. Please visit our website at:   www.it.stonybrook.edu/services/cisco-webex

Will there be phone training provided?

There will be many scheduled zoom training sessions that will cover both the desktop device and the softphone. You can also visit our website at  www.it.stonybrook.edu/services/cisco-webex 

Can I move my phone from one location to another myself, or does a technician need to do it?

Yes, you can move your phone to another location yourself. You must notify the Telecommunication department either through the help desk or via the Telecom email sbwebex@stonybrook.edu with your new location. Your caller id will need to be updated for 911 purposes.

Additional Information

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