Internet Videoconferencing and Virtual Meeting Rooms - D121

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Division of Information Technology


Stony Brook University provides an Internet browser based video-conferencing service which is managed by the Teaching, Learning + Technology Department (TLT).


This system enables multiple users to meet in a virtual conference room and share and record video, voice and data. 

Participation in Meetings

Anyone can participate in a meeting including students, faculty, staff, administrators and non-Stony Brook personnel. Participants can be located anywhere in the world as long as they have a high-speed Internet connection and a computer running a compatible Internet browser (see the TLT web site for details) and a flash player. Meetings must be related to Stony Brook business such as course-related activities, committee and research team meetings. The meeting must be scheduled by a Stony Brook employee or student (NetId required) and at least one Stony Brook employee or student must be a participant.

Meeting Room Creation and Ownership

Creating a Room

Meeting rooms can only be created by specially licensed and trained Stony Brook personnel. These licenses are issued and managed by TLT. Meeting room creators must attend training to receive the license and must be willing to be publicly listed on the TLT website. Licenses can be revoked by TLT at any time. The list of authorized room creators can be found on the TLT website. The person who creates a room can assign its management to any other user with a Stony Brook NetID who then acts as the room manager.

Naming Convention

Rooms must be named according to the following naming convention;

  • The name must begin with the name of the department of the person with the room creator license or if it is a student-requested room it must begin with "Student".
  • This can be followed by the name of the subgroup that will actually use the room if necessary (i.e. CEAS-ChemicalEng)
  • This should be followed by the function of the room (i.e. Facilities-WeeklyStaffMeeting)

Room Deletion

In order to conserve server resources, rooms and the resources they contain, including recordings of old meetings, these may be deleted if unused for a period of 6 months. Rooms used inappropriately may also be deleted and user rights revoked. The room owner will receive an e-mail warning in advance of the deletion.

Rooms for Academic Departments, Courses and Business Offices

TLT has purchased a limited number of licenses for meeting room creators and will distribute these licenses as equitably as possible. Each academic department or business office with more than 20 FTE employees can request a designated room creator by e-mailing or calling the TLT main office at 2-8050. If your group is too small to qualify for an assigned meeting creator please contact the meeting creator in your parent organization (i.e. dean's office or VP office) to have rooms created for you.


Students needing meeting rooms for course-related meetings, study groups, etc. can contact the help desk in either the Main Library or Student Union SINC sites. A Stony Brook student ID will be required.

Meeting Room Scheduling

Meetings are scheduled by a room manager who is assigned by the meeting room owner/creator. Multiple sequential meetings can be scheduled in a room, each with a different set of participants. Multiple meeting rooms can be in use at the same time.


Office of the Chief Information Officer
Room 231, Educational Communications Center
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Teaching, Learning + Technology (TLT)
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