Web Resources - D120

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Office of the Chief Information Officer


The University's information technology resources are provided to the University community in support of the University's education, research, public service and health care missions. Accordingly, the Division of Information Technology reserves the right to edit content or deny access to any individual or group whose Web page violates any state or federal law or University policy.

University Web Pages

  1. The Stony Brook University Web Site is a University publication. Unless otherwise indicated, the material (all images and text) on any University Web page is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without written permission.
  2. Each Web site developed by an academic or administrative unit shall contain the official Stony Brook University logo. These Web pages are University publications, regardless of their location on a DoIT or department server.
  3. Each Web site shall identify the name of the primary contact for site creation and maintenance purposes. Subordinate pages must contain a link back to the University Web site.
  4. The University complies with New York State's adoption of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to provide optimal access to all University Web sites. Web site developers shall apply the most current version of these guidelines in the design, creation and maintenance of any University Web site.
  5. University Web pages must provide a clear and explicit disclaimer at the point of transition from University to a student club or a non-University Web site.

Student Club Web Pages

  1. Only student clubs or groups that are recognized by the Vice President for Student Affairs and in good standing may use University resources to create and maintain Web pages.
  2. Every Web page shall identify the name of the primary contact for the club and an active e-mail address for that individual or group. These data may be displayed on a separate page if an appropriate link is provided.
  3. Student club pages are not University publications, so may not include the Stony Brook University logo. The pages must contain or link to a disclaimer that states the Web page contents and the link identifiers are not monitored, reviewed, sponsored or endorsed by the University.
  4. Student club pages may not be used for commercial purposes or political advertising and may not violate any laws, regulations or University policy, including, by way of example only, those laws regarding obscenity, defamation, harassment or copyright infringement.
  5. These pages should conform to the most current version of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.


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