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Last Updated: September 12, 2016

Creating and organizing people into groups in the Skype for Business app provides a flexible way to communicate with our colleagues and peers.  By creating groups, you will be able to communicate (chat, video chat, conference call) with your entire team at once or quickly connect with an individual member of that group.

To begin, launch the Skype for Business App on your machine.

Create a Group

There are 2 default groups:  Favorites and Other Contacts, but you can create your own groups for quick group chats or online meetings and more.  

  1. To create a new group, click the Add a Contact icon 
  2. Select Create a New Group
  3. Then give the new group a name

Add a Contact to a Group

  1. To add a contact to a group, right-click on the contact, click Add to Contacts List or Copy Contact To and select a group

More Options with Groups

Right-clicking on any group will provide you with the ability to communicate with the entire group at once. You can: 

  • Manage your group list here by moving the group up or down.
  • Create a new group. 
  • Send an IM to everyone in the group.
  • Start a Conference Call (no video).
  • Start a Video Call.
  • Send an Email message (this will open Outlook on your computer not Google Mail - do not use if your mail is not in Outlook).
  • Schedule a Meeting (this will open Outlook not Google Mail - do not use if your mail is not in Outlook).
  • Copy (this will copy all individual email addresses to your clipboard so you can paste them into an email or calendar system of your choice).
  • Find Previous Conversations (this will open Outlook and search for email there - do not use if your mail is not in Outlook).

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