Understanding Service Catalog Items in the Service Portal

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Last Updated: August 11, 2020
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Choosing the Service Catalog item for your issue automatically routes your ticket to the DoIT team best suited to help in order to provide you with quicker service.

Below are the Service Catalog items and some examples of their usage: 

  • Classrooms - Need chalk, clock battery, damage of any kind

  • Computer Labs (SINC Sites) - Access, issues with SINC Sites, Residential Computer Labs, and CoLAs

  • Hardware - Request computers, printers, mice, cannot power on/shuts down periodically, fan/hard drive make loud noise, data backup, no display when powered on

  • Malware/Virus - Computer running slow, strange activity, popups while browsing web, unwanted windows open at log in

  • Networking Issue - Can't connect to the Internet, Internet access is spotty, cannot load any websites

  • Networking Request - Need a jack installed or activated, fixed IP request, DNS request

  • Other IT Issues - General help that can't be categorized. *Using this form may delay your service time since manual routing by DoIT staff is required. 

  • Printing - Can't print, help with printer settings, new printer install/setup

  • Security - Compromised credentials, incoming attack, spam, phishing, sensitive data storage or inquiries
  • Software and Web Applications - Request software, help with software installation, operating system installation, bootcamp installation

  • Solar, NetID, and other Accounts - Password or username is not working,

  • Teaching and Learning Tools - Blackboard, Digication, Echo 360, Adobe Connect, SB You, Yammer, Google Drive

  • Telephone Issue -  Phone is dead, can't access voicemail, display is broken

  • Telephone Request - Need a new line for a new employee, need a phone moved, callprocesing menu updated, caller ID changed

  • Television - Only getting channels 2-13, screen is snowy


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