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Last Updated: February 21, 2019

If you got your clicker from a friend, rented it, or bought it used, you will need to purchase a license code in order to register your clicker with your Turning Technologies account and use it in your class(es).

You can purchase your license code by going to https://store.turningtechnologies.com/ and creating an account.  When prompted for a school code, enter 4SBU.

Under Profile, you will see the subheading Subscriptions. Click Add/Purchase a Subscription then choose Purchase Subscription. Subscriptions for Turning Technologies accounts can be purchased in the following increments:

  • One-year subscription - $24.99
  • Two-year subscription - $35.99
  • Five-year subscription - $48.99

Once you have purchased your subscription code you can go to the Response Devices subheading on the Profile page and click the Add button to enter the 6-digit Device ID.  This registers your clicker with your Turning Technologies account.

*Please note, purchasing a the one, two or five-year subscription code is different from purchasing a Responseware license, so please double-check to see what is required for your class(es).

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