Creating a VoiceThread as an Assignment in Brightspace and Linking it to Grades

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Last Updated: January 27, 2023
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VoiceThread's integration with Brightspace allows Instructors and Graduate TAs to create an assignment which requires students to create a VoiceThread, view a VoiceThread, or leave a comment in a VoiceThread. When you link a VoiceThread to a course, it is added as an uncategorized Grade Item in Grades, which you can then edit to add to a category (e.g., for a weighted grade book) if needed. 

Only those with Instructor or Graduate TA roles in Brightspace and link VoiceThreads to a course.

Creating a VoiceThread Assignment in Brightspace

  1. Log into Brightspace using your NetID and NetID password
  2. In your desired course, select the Content tab in the navigation bar
    Image of content tab
  3. Create or Select a Module
    Image of a module
  4. Under the Existing Activities drop down, select VoiceThread
    Image of the VoiceThread option under Existing Activities
  5. When the VoiceThread pop up appears, select Assignment Builder
    Image of Assignment Builder Option
  6. Select a type of assignment, your options are:
  • Create: Requires your students to create a new VoiceThread to earn credit
    • If you choose this option,  you will be prompted to enter a description for your assignment
  • Submit a Comment: Requires your students to submit a comment to an existing VoiceThread (of your choosing) to earn credit
    • If you choose this option, you will be prompted to choose an existing VoiceThread in your account
  • Watch a VoiceThread: Requires your students to watch a VoiceThread of your choosing to earn credit. Comments are turned off for this option, making it ideal for narrated PowerPoints and other presentations
    • If you choose this option, you will be prompted to choose an existing VoiceThread in your account, or create a new one
  • Reconnect Previous Assignment: Reconnect to an old assignment ou have already created through the Assignment Builder
    Image of the options available in assignment builder

Linking My VoiceThread Assignment to My Grades

To link a VoiceThread assignment to your Grades, you must create a VoiceThread assignment.

  1. Once you determine the settings for your assignment, type in your assignment name and determine how your assignment will be assessed (either as percentage, complete/incomplete, or points). 
    Image of Voicethread Assignment name "Unit 4 Voicethread Assignment"

    Image of assessment options for voicethread.  The option selected is "Points" with the amount of points the assignment is worth being 100.

  2. Once you publish your VoiceThread assignment, it will automatically be added to your grades.
  3. The grade item will be added uncategorized. If you would like to add it to a category (e.g., for a weighted grade book)
    1. In Grades select Manage Grades
    2. Click the drop-down to the right of the VoiceThread Grade item and chose Edit
    3. In the Category drop down, select the category it should be associated with
    4. Select Save and Close


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